Hi Mama,

Welcome to Mum from the Heart, my journey in parenting from the heart.

The journey into parenthood was not how I expected it to be and after all the highs and lows I have been working on finding a balance. On reconnecting with Me. Michelle not Mummy, with my values and beliefs are rather than what society expects. I have stopped comparing myself to other Mothers and started living from my own heart space, because ultimately that’s what matters.

On my journey I have found myself on a brand new (and unexpected) career path that has allowed me to help other parents on their journey (you can read more on my parenting tab). I have also shifted my lifestyle to a more natural, healthy focus and you can read about that in the Oils from the Heart.

This page is about sharing my journey, reflecting on what I have learnt, exploring new challenges and all the while leading form the heart. I would love you to join me.


Mich xx